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Our Story - A Church is Born

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The story of God’s amazing guidance of how our Church was “born”.

On January 2, 1995, five families met together with Pastor Epi Rodriguez and voted to open a new church. The families of Robert and Grace Altman, Nancy Caballero, Victor and Elaine Kepler, Paul and Darlene Moore, and Steve Rooker would begin the journey for what would become our new place of worship. Our Church was born in the bustling little town of Brockport on February 26, 1995. These families left the Genesee Park Church in Rochester, New York and followed the Erie Canal west in order to establish the Brockport Seventh-Day Adventist Church for faith in an untouched area of the state. We first rented a small United Methodist Church on Sweden Walker Road, but then were able to  rent a beautiful stone building on Route 19 that had once housed a bank. Each year we faced the same problem though. Where could we worship and how could we accommodate our growing church membership? The building we were renting was for sale, but far too expensive for us to purchase. Then, someone made an offer to purchase the facility. We prayerfully watched and waited to see where God would lead us next.

A New Mission Opportunity

At first, we began looking for a parcel of land where we could build a church. But then God opened a most unusual “mission” opportunity for us. A private K-8 elementary school was to be auctioned off. Included with this school were an operating day care center, an active before and after school program and summer camp. Closure of the school and daycare would impact dozens of families in the community. We sensed the Lord calling us to an active “family ministry.” He was giving us the opportunity to reach out through the operation of this school and day-care facility.

Our New School and Church:

Yes, on April 15, 2003 we made the purchase. Three buildings are nestled among the trees on 10 acres of land. A creek runs through the back of the property. The school was filled with complete classrooms, but no large cafeteria area or gymnasium area nor was there an auditorium or sanctuary. On October 22, 2005 we formally changed our name to the Sandy Creek Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The Transformation:

By God’s grace and His wisdom, our members were able to successfully create a large cafeteria which even now serves as our sanctuary on Sabbath morning. For many years the Sandy Creek Academy and Day Care operated here and touched the lives of many children and families.

Through time and changes in our congregation, we no longer operate the School or Day-care facility, but we continue to grow God’s church and spread the Gospel though our outreach programs to our local communities.

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